Data-Centric Decision Making: It Begins with Ownership

Unfortunately, this is something I can believe:

Most organizations don’t create an information strategy.  I can only imagine the expenses entailed as organizations skip from one platform to another, constantly performing ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) from one system to another, each time hoping the information yields what they want.

A better solution is to think about information.  What is a “good” format for storing the data, and where is a “good” location for it to exist.  If done properly, the amount of ETL’s necessary would drop and the company would see a greater return on its Information Investments.  It is not technology which enables an organization to make good decisions, its the ability to properly collect, classify, and process usable information.  Business leaders need to give up owning their hardware and software, and instead should focus on owning their data.  This “data-centric” view of business decisions permits the company to purchase the right tools and people to best use the data to its utmost.

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