IT Heroes called on to rescue…Furby’s?

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

IT Heroes take on all kinds of challenges, even those outside the scope of “normal”.  After all, if we did what everyone else did, we wouldn’t be heroes.  But some requests are more unusual than others…

Jerri Grable-Mullis of M Mullis Collectibles ( collects, repairs, and then resells vintage toys and games.  They are experts at rebuilding toys which have broken or jammed.  In mid-March of 2013 Jerri handed me a paper bag containing ” 5 dead furby’s”.  Furby’s were these small electronic “must have” toys from 1998.  They react to motion and slowly “learn” English over time.

Jerri’s had rebuilt them, connected them, and soldered broken connection wires.  But to no avail.  The furby’s were officially “dead”.  At that point she packed them into a bag and brought them to MITH Enterprises.

I will admit, I’m used to seeing odd requests.  I’ve rebuilt computer networks in short time frames.  I remember troubleshooting a computer program which was failing on two machines, but worked on 14 other machines which I tracked down to a difference in the memory hardware.  I’ve even been asked to recover data from a hard drive which had a pen driven through it.  But I will say I never dreamed I’d be asked to fix a broken Furby.

But, there comes a time when you either step up or step out.  I informed Jerri I couldn’t guarantee any results, but would see if there was anything I could do.

After removing the fur, unscrewing the case, and performing various diagnostics, I reached the guts of the Furby!  After fiddling around and running diagnostics, making some wiring changes, and shifting a few gears around there was a sudden change in the Furby!  The little Furby began to thrum with power!  I set it down and pulled out my phone for a quick video which I’ve linked to below:

Saving a Dead Furby

Real IT Heroes don’t turn down any business challenge!  And so we now have a new claim to fame: IT Heroes, saving Furby’s since March 2013.  (Now those are words I’d never even have guessed I’d be saying some day).

Who We Are

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Every organization has problems which needs a specialist, a project which cannot fail, or a seemingly impossible task to overcome.  Sometimes there are strict deadlines which must be met, or knowledge which crosses realms from technical to business.  Other times external forces wreak havoc and disrupt businesses operations to the point when everything seems lost or out of control

MITH Enterprises understands these situations.  Our people are used to handling these situations.  We understand the stress involved in recovering a data center which has become flooded due to storms or other natural calamities.  We have been tested with moving data centers across the country.  And we know the anxiety endured when a project seems on the verge of failing.

We also understand what it takes to succeed under these conditions.

We don’t break under pressure, or throw our hands in the air and give up.  We know to succeed under these conditions requires exceptional character and leadership.  Starting with a positive attitude and a calm demeanor, we rally the forces and bring order to the chaos.

Many people can see success where others see failure, but our IT Heroes know the path needed to navigate through these hurdles and make it happen.