Key Card System Down (…and out the door)

Company contacted us after the workstation which housed their key card access system died. It was going to cost over $2250 to replace, could we do better?


  • New system in place four days before their “gotta have it by” date,
  • Web-based, so they don’t have to worry about their workstation failing (problem solved),
  • They can now unlock the doors from their home without having to come into the office (for those that forget their key card at home),
  • Ability to Schedule “Holiday Lock hours” in advance (something they couldn’t do before),
  • Automated alerts if something goes wrong,
  • Advanced Reporting on User Access through the web

And the biggie:

  • Less than half the cost!

We voted this one in as a success!  I also want this for my house now…

So, what IT Challenge does your business have that our Heroes can resolve?


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