“Like starting from scratch all over again…”

At a recent meeting I was chatting with a business owner and I mentioned the backup service MITH provides.  This young lady said, “I don’t need that, I use *********.  It only costs my $50.00 a year so I don’t see how you can compete”.

A week later her hard drive crashed and she needed to restore her data.  It took 3 weeks for the system to state she was 100% restored.  Unfortunately for her, she received less than 20 GB of the 360GB of data she had collected over 4 years.

Four years of videos, seminars, and marketing material wiped out.  When I asked how much it was worth she said simply, “Everything.  It’s like starting from scratch all over again”.

At MITH Enterprises we work with you to identify what is important for your business.  We estimate how much space it will use, and then we monitor the backup to verify everything is there.

In short, we actively work with you to monitor your systems.  If something fails, we are there to assist you in restoring it as quickly as possible, without additional costs.  Usually we can restore a single machine, from scratch, within a single day.  With our full Business Continuity Planning service, we can usually get a business up and running in less than a week.

My business friend is struggling to rebuild all that was lost.  She will continue to struggle over the coming years, but many items will never return.  Over 4 years she saved about $300 to $400, but what she lost was invaluable.

Contact us now and we will schedule a free Restore Test of your backup system to see if it meets your needs.

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