Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Data loss disrupts production, services and stock distribution.  The financial losses can devastate a business, crippling it to the point the company cannot recover.   According to the US Bureau of Labor, over 90% of businesses which suffer data loss will go out of business.  With today’s technology, data loss and business continuity is a vital consideration, but need not be an expensive one.  MITH keeps it simple with its Archive, Restore and Continuity planning solution.

MITH Enterprise’s ARC Backup Solution leverages the latest in technology to provide the best service available.  With ARC Backup your organization will receive:

  • Solution Tailoring - A Preparedness Plan designed to counter the risks facing your business, both operationally and digitally.
  • Managed and Monitored Professionally - We proactively monitor your log files to ensure critical data is archived
  • Automated Archiving – We back up your data at your convenience and in as quick and timely a manner as possible.
  • Recovery Assistance – We actively assist in data restoration to ensure your business returns to operational capacity…at no additional charge!
  • Testing the Plan- Waiting until you need recovery is the wrong time to discover something doesn’t work.  We continuously and refine our recovery procedures to reduce recovery time.


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