The importance of Restore…not Backup

Many small business owners recognize the importance of backing up their data.  So, they find a solution to copy it off.  Usually this solution is the cheapest available, offering unlimited space at an incredibly low cost.  The business owner then goes about their life happy in the knowledge their data is safe.

Until something goes wrong and they need to get their data back, and then they learn the lesson: It’s about Restore, not Backup!

Backup systems are much like a spare tire in your car.  It simply sits there and adds unnecessary weight…until you need it.  Then it is the difference between getting backup and driving within a few minutes, or having to wait until help arrives.  And that help is costly!

If you’re using a service which seems like a great deal, ask yourself “why is this great deal?”

We at MITH Enterprises are willing to put your systems through a free “Restore test”.  During this test we will determine how long your business will be down in case of an issue.  We understand it is not about backup, it’s about restore.

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